Coming Up Early

05 April 2014

Coming Up Early

Hi Green Thumbs!

Today we came up a little bit earlier than expected, but spring has finally sprung and we're ready to grow- bring on the summer! April Showers will bring Beer Growlers!

Last night at the Ontario Brewing Awards The Ships Rations took home a Silver medal in Veggie Brews for The Ship! This was very exciting for us, as this beer was created by our brewer, and as near as we can reckon, this award is the FIRST TIME EVER a beer made in Hamilton has taken home a medal from the Ontario Brewing Awards.

Our Brewer Accepting the Award On Behalf Of The Ship- Photo By Ken Woods

Our Brewer Accepting the Award On Behalf Of The Ship- Photo By Ken Woods

The awards began in 2006 and Labbat closed down the old Peller brewery in 2010... brands produced at those facilties during that time included Amstel, Steeler, Laker, Hamilton Mountain, Grizzly, and of course, Lakeport. We drank more than our fair share of Lakeport Honey Lager during the Buck-a-Beer days, and can personally vouch for its excellent price, but sadly it doesn't seem to have ever been recognized by the Ontario Brewing Awards. There hasn't been any commercial beer produced in Hamilton since then- until The Ship began brewing with the help of our brewer; who developed a recipe, a painting, and a name- The Ships Rations! A very tasty IPA brewed with a generous amount of Ginger! This beer will evolve into Green-Thumb IPA for Garden Brewers, so for it to take a silver medal made us very excited!

We tweeted. We couldn't resist. Garden Brewers was still somewhat of a secret so we were careful not to tag anyone or hashtag anything. We hadn't followed anyone and nobody was following us. We were whispering a secret into a hole in the ground, because the secret was too big to keep inside! But we should've known that never works

Canadian Beer News found the tweet! Probably by searching for the phrase "Ontario Brewing Awards". Impressive! Who says beer journalism is dead? This morning we awoke to find all the beans spilled and all the cats wandering free of their bags. This is fine! we just haven't got everything quite tickety-boo yet. Like this website! it still needs alot of work.... Hold on...

There! That should do it.

We're excited to be uncovered and in the light! Please bear with us through these growing pains. We'll work hard in the coming months to get everything into the state we would have liked to have had it for you when we launched! And we'll get a beer into your hand just as soon as possible, we promise.

-The Garden Brewers

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