EVENT- Because Beer

27 June 2014

EVENT- Because Beer

Hamilton is getting it's first, full-scale, honest to goodness Beer Festival!  Woooooo!




Because Beer!


This is extremely exciting to us here at Garden Brewers, solely as fans of good beer and of growing the Hamilton beer scene...    but it's doubly exciting because we will also debut at Because Beer! We're thrilled to announce that our Piperales will premiere at the inaugural year of Because Beer!!! Good things are growing! This is a very happy time to be a Hamiltonian beer enthusiast.


We are not yet slotted in to our brewery's production schedule for full-scale brewing, so our brewer went to Black Oak on a weekend to brew a pilot batch of Piperales using their pilot system, parts of his own homebrewing system, and a fermentation tank on loan from the HOZERs. Here are some photos from the brewing process:

 The Mash, 1 of 2!

The Lauter.

The runnings, Mmmmmmmm. Future beer....

The Brewer, all smiles on the brewday

The fermentation tank, full of wort.

The fermentor was very cleverly put on a half-skid, which made it mobile and allowed it to be put into the cold room after fermentation was complete for cold crashing. Cleverness courtesy of Ken Woods.

The cleverness doesn't stop there! The fermentor was raised to kegging height using the brewerys forklift!


Thanks to Black Oak for hosting us! And to the HOZERs for use of the club tank.


We hope you can join us at the festival! Consider this our formal invitation to you. Please come try our beer and let us know what you think of our first test batch! If you are a homebrewer, you should also look into the festivals homebrew competition! You could win some great Garden Gear!


and hey, speaking of cool prizes- look what's on tap: one free ticket to Because Beer!

This ticket is good for admission to the Saturday session, one commemorative Because Beer sampling mug, and four sampling tickets! 
Photo By Because Beer

This ticket also gives you access to see the Saturday speakers, and of course, an opportunity to sample our Piperales- available to the public for the first time ever!

Share or like this post to be entered into the ticket giveaway! Contest is open to anyone over 19 years of age, and will close Friday July 4th. Winner of the free ticket will be chosen at random and announced immediately after the contest ends. The ticket will be mailed to the winner.
-The Garden Brewers

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