Because Beer- A Round Up

09 August 2014

Because Beer- A Round Up

Because Beer was great!    Why??? 

Because..                  lots of reasons I guess!

 Photo by Randy North

Here are a few:

Because Booth

With the help of our impressive friends at Mata Mata who, In addition to being trusty with a tattoo gun, also know how to wield a welding torch, we were able to put together the wheelbarrow of our dreams. Say hello to the Garden Brewers "Beerbarrow":

This rugged beauty is a tricked out 0'14 model wheelbarrow that I'm going to assume is marketed under the name "Holy Terra". It comes standard with 60" premium hardwood handles that are both gorgeous and practical, a completely seamless steel bucket with a powder-coated rustproofing finish, and TWO 15" pneumatic 2-ply tires for the ultimate in wheelbarrow stability and comfort. Yes, she's a lovely thing to behold, but don't let the good looks fool you, the Holy Terra can haul over 122 kg of weight with a capacity rating equivalent to twelve 10kg bags of soil. Put another way, The 2014 HT has got the girth to berth a lot of earth. The Holy Terra also comes with a 4 year repair warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store THAT WE'VE TOTALLY VOIDED with smokin' after-market upgrades including; 100 feet of twin 3/8" diameter stainless steel coils for lightning fast beer chilling, a silicone sealed bucket, custom finish, and most importantly- a steel draft tower support structure welded to the bucket. This support turns the already impressive HT into our custom Beerbarrow! Never before has high style been so... down-to-earth.


 The draft tower supports welded in place and getting painted


Ready for christening!

Ready to pour! The draft tower is fully functional, with a working glass chiller and drain. A bar on wheels! Just add beer drinkers.

...and beer servers.


Because Homebrew

Because Beer was also where we got to help announce the results of the Because Beer homebrew competition!  This was a very impressive competition with over 300 high-quality entries. Congratulations to all the winners!

Beautiful medals!

And fantastic prizes!


Because Pals

We had the chance to see so many friends, new and old, at this festival. And that's what beer festivals are really all about, eh?

Sonja North & Brandi Lee MacDonald: Super Pals

Photo by Lane Dunlop


Because Hamilton

This festival was about beer, but it was also about Hamilton. It allowed our friends who came from out of town to see parts of Hamilton that aren't always immediately obvious: Its beauty and its potential.

Sunset at Because Beer


It was such a fantastic experience in such a great location, I think it even made locals see this city of ours with fresh eyes.


Because Beer!

OK, maybe beer festivals are really all about beer after all... 

Because Beer will always be special to us because this festival was the first time our beer had been poured- ever!

Our first customers ever! A very nervous brewer! A photo by my almost embarrassingly supportive father, Randy North


We were pouring a pilot batch of our flagship brew, Piperales. As is the nature of pilot batches, the beer wasn't 100% where we wanted it to be, and this fact made us very nervous... but not too overwrought to listen to your feedback! And we got a lot of great feedback! Thank you, Hamilton! Overall, the beer was very well-received indeed, and we even sold out a few hours before the end of the festival! We were very heartened to see several people come back again and again, often dragging their reluctant friends along for a taste! We definitely had some converts, still, we learned that some people are great lovers of smoke in their beer while some people simply do not care for it. Like true IPA (Or beer in general, I suppose) smokey beer is something that people seem to either love or hate. (But we really believe that well-made beer of all styles can be an acquired taste! We simply recommend drinking more beer! Be it sour suds, bitter brews, or even... light lagers! Cultivating a taste for new brews can be a deeply enriching experience.) Of course, amongst all the positive comments, there were also many suggestions for improvement, offered from everyone from professional beer critics to professional beer drinkers. We listened to it all, and we're grateful for all of it! We've taken what we learned from our big debut and brought it into our recipe for our first full scale batch, which, I'm thrilled to announce; WE BREWED JUST LAST WEEK!! 4000 frikkin' liters of Piperales are happily bubbling away as we speak! Er... read. And write. As you read and as I write. Assuming you're reading this.... look, you get the idea. Beer!!! We will have beer  -real beer-  really soon!!! 


Oh man,  It's going to be so good you guys!!


More on that soon-

Sow long for now, and Thank You!


-The Garden Brewers


01 September 2014 at 11:04 PM

Congratulations Victor and Sonja! The best beer I’ve ever tasted!!

10 August 2014 at 10:53 AM
Adrian McManus

I really enjoyed Piperales when I sampled it at Because Beer. I could detect the peppercorn a lot more than I thought I would, which was a great surprise. The Holy Terra was definitely the coolest jockey box I saw at the festival! I’m glad to hear that 4000 more litres are coming shortly. Cheers!

10 August 2014 at 10:25 AM

We were proud to be your first customers! Great brew.

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