Premier Piperales

01 September 2014

Premier Piperales

Our first, full-scale 40-hectolitre batch of beer will be kegged up shortly; probably in the next few days!

Getting to this point has been a long row to hoe for us, and we're very excited that soon we will be putting beer into your hands! If you are reading this, we know that you have been very supportive and patient with us. Thank you! It won't be long now, soon we will update this website with information about where you can find Piperales on tap! But while we wait for that, why don't we take a look back at the brew day?

It began early, like most brewdays...

After a long (but blessedly low-traffic) drive from Hamilton to Etobicoke, our brewer arrived at 7am at Black Oak brewery. He found Mike Lynn, one of the brewers, already starting to mash in the first of 2 batches of Piperales to be brewed that day.

Both brews went very well under Mike's care! Temperatures were nailed...

...and targets were bulls-eyed. An impressive feat for a first batch!

Mike was also kind enough to allow our brewer to participate in some small ways, like adding the malt to the mill...

...and hops to the kettle.

Even though we have yet to package this brew, we can't wait to brew again!

The end of the sparge

Mike removing the spent grain from below...

...and above.

The hot break.

Mike cropping yeast.

Mike preparing to rack the Piperales wort to the fermentation tank...

...and pitching the yeast with C02 pressure!

In the background, you may have spotted some of our kegs, eagerly awaiting this brew!

As mentioned earlier, as soon as we have this beer in kegs, we will begin to sell it to bars, pubs and restaurants. It is standard practice to bring some sample bottles of any new beer around to bars while making sales visits. So we will have to bottle some beer and do some sales calls before you see Piperales around town... 

However, our good friends at The Ship are willing to take this new beer sight unseen and in good faith! God bless em'. This coming Thursday (September 4th) we will be having a bit of a launch party at The Ship for Piperales in Hamilton. If you're able to come out, The Ship will have plenty of the beer on tap, and it will be your first opportunity to sample our inaugural batch- probably anywhere!

The Ship will be selling by the pint and half pint. They will also have a special feature- a surprise burger to celebrate the launch of Piperales! Check out their website or give them a shout for further details, which should be coming soon.

Our brewer will also be on site, ready to answer questions, tell jokes, accept compliments, deflect criticism, and maybe hand out a lil' garden gear!


We hope to see you out! But if you're unable to make it to this Hamilton event on such short notice, don't worry, there should be a wider availability of Piperales very shortly- and we've got more parties and events planned in Hamilton soon!


-the Garden Brewers


08 February 2015 at 02:21 AM

hello, why use co2 pressure to pitch the yeasts instead of O2?

04 September 2014 at 06:53 PM

Big congrats – as a homebrewer I can much appreciate what it must be like to “turn pro”. Wish you all the very best of success. I’ll be driving in to The Ship from St Catharines just to give this a taste.

02 September 2014 at 04:50 PM
Carole thomson

Good luck Victor and Sonja. It will be a great launch I am sure.

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