You Can Brew Anything In Hamilton!

10 November 2015

You Can Brew Anything In Hamilton!

Time for some news:

Due to popular demand, we've re-brewed our Petal-Pusher!

How pretty is this?  Filtering Petal-Pusher, our Elderflower Lager. It has a white wine-like character; floral and fruity, light and crisp, with a palate-cleansing and refreshing gentle acidity.


Petal-Pusher was our first "Now In Bloom" beer, and it is still our most popular Now In Bloom brew to date! Look for it to go on tap very soon. Our neighbors at The Winking Judge got a big ol' Firkin of this lager, specially cask-conditioned with ale yeast and extra galaxy hops! Ought to be quite interesting! Our friends at Lansdowne Brewery have already reserved 2 kegs and their own special cask! The first batch of Petal-Pusher was one of the lucky beers on tap the night Lansdowne opened their doors for the very first time, and I'm proud to say that it was the first keg to empty! It took us awhile, but we've finally got them re-stocked. We've also had orders from our long-time supporters at Iggy's and our buddies at BRÜ! Get a pint while it lasts!

We've also re-brewed the Green-Thumb, because, ah... lots of reasons, really. 

this monstrous piece of ginger root weighed exactly 1/2 of a kilo!


I'm pleased to say that the make-up brew day went well! We'll have to see how the final beer comes out, but so far so good!  Still, we did rebrew our Ginger IPA yet again...   sort of. We made a small batch of the retro-recipe. That's right, the original recipe! We re-brewed The Ships Rations for the first time since 2013! We made a limited amount for a special event coming up at The Ship on Thursday November 26th!

Twin Vorlaufs!
Although this was a small "pilot" batch, these two kettles represent a good deal more volume than we could have ever hoped to produce on the Ships old nano system.
Dried Ginger and Molasses. Two Ingredients in Rations that didn't make it into the Green-Thumb.


Come try the beer that brought brewing back to Hamilton! Come try all the new beers now gloriously flooding our fine city with quality brewskis! Our pal Clifford Brewing will be there with his beers, and we'll be bringing our collaboration brew: L.O.L., a Session Flanders Red! Only 2 kegs of this beer were made, and this is the last one. We pitched some bonus Brett into this keg, and it's had extra time to get funky! It ought to be really nice. Collective Arts Brewing and Nickel Brook Brewing will be there as well, representing their collaborative Arts & Science Brewery; which has brought life back to our historic Peller brewery- empty since the Lakeport buyout in 2010.

As for ourselves, we'll be bringing our B.F.F. Porter and H.H.H. IPA, two beers made with Hamilton-Grown ingredients. Very appropriate for this event, yes? We've been saving the last keg of B.F.F. Porter for this, so for everyone who has been asking where they can get more B.F.F. in the city; this event will be your last chance! (Until next years hop harvest, I suppose!)

How far has this city come in just a few short years?!! You can brew anything in Hamilton!
And more is yet to come. Join us all to celebrate: Thursday November 26th!

And check out this old website:
It's still live! I guess we need to check our credit card bills for hosting fees more carefully!

Check out the SYMBOLISM: "The colors blue and gold are the colors of the City of Hamilton, found on her flag, which is why this ship has golden sails on a blue sky. The inverted blue triangle upon which the ship sails represents Hamilton Harbour. The motto: 'Together Aspire Together Drink' is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek play on the Hamilton motto 'Together Aspire Together Achieve'"


The above painting can currently be seen on display at The Ship. Further artwork in the Ships permanent collection made by yours truly includes the two big super-hero themed paintings upstairs! I'll admit, I quite enjoy the fact that for a couple of years now, you can go to a bar in my town and enjoy a fresh pint of my beer- while simultaneously enjoying my old paintings! I mean, if you're into those sorts of things. Maybe you'll enjoy one but not the other? I'll let you make up your own mind, but you'll have to go to The Ship to decide: I don't have any photos of the other two paintings! For some reason! (And we still don't know how to download a pint! For some reason!) But the two paintings upstairs look kind of like these three:

 "I didn't mean to say that you paint on actual garbage. I meant to say that your paintings should be hauled away AS actual garbage!"  -Sassy Klingon art critic


Yup, in my artistic career, I never did hang in the finest galleries, but I did hang at the finest bars!  Kind of foreshadowing, don't you think?  

..and in the finest streets!  
...does this count as public drinking? It's OK, this was in Korea!


That just about wraps up the news for now! One last thing: we have a special cask coming up! We took some beer from the fresh batch of still-fermenting Green-Thumb (before the addition of any Ginger) and added one whole fresh Papaya:

I'm told Papaya is rich in Papain; a protease that makes Papaya useful for softening and tenderizing meat! I wonder if it could be useful in a mash??
What an intense colour! 


We cut that tasty tropical fruit in half, peeled and de-seeded it, blended it into a paste, and put it all into a sterilized cotton bag- along with lots of Mosaic hops!

This cask smelled AMAZING while it was being filled! It smelt so delicious in fact, I was compelled to drag people (who were just innocently standing around nearby) over to the filling cask to have a sniff. After taking a whiff, the head brewer at Niagara told me that Papaya is called "Paw-Paw" in Australia, so I decided right then and there that we're calling this cask Paw-Paw IPA as that is adorable.  Although "I-PapayA" could also work? Maybe?? 

Refermented using only the natural sugars of the fruit, this cask ought to be very, very flavorful indeed! Look for this special cask to get tapped this coming Saturday, right here in Hamilton, for the grand opening of Hambrgr!  I understand that the plan is to kick off their grand opening weekend with the tapping of the Paw-Paw Pin around 6pm! Be there, or be thirsty!



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