About Us

Garden Brewers is Rooted in Hamilton: the fruitful result of an idea germinated 4 years ago by the North Family, a professional brewing couple living in Corktown.


The Ambitious Brewery

Garden Brewers purpose is to create incredible beer. We are guided by our brewing motto: "Bold yet Balanced". Our beer is unique amoungst all the many offerings from Ontarios wonderfully flourishing beer scene. It is deeply complex, yet remarkably sessionable. It is always novel, but never a novelty. 


Garden Brewers mission is to grow into a touchstone business of Hamiltons ongoing revitalization. We do not want to mislead anyone or contribute to the growing hype fatigue amongst craft beer fans, but we must be plain about our ambitions: We want to build a Bricks and Mortar brewing facility in our city. No- we don't know when. But we do know how and with the support of beer lovers like yourself, We believe that we can thrive and eventually blossom into a brewery that Hamilton deserves.


We are contract brewers, brewed with pride at Black Oak Brewing Company. Black Oak is a champion of consistency and quality within the Ontario craft brewing community, and Garden Brewers is thrilled to be produced at such a stellar brewery by such wonderful people while we work towards our own home in Hamilton.


We're Victor and Sonja North.


Victor North- Founder And Brewmaster

Born in Ottawa, Victor has a background in homebrewing with many medals won in homebrew competitions. He was previously employed as Head Brewer for the Oakville location of The 3 Brewers chain of brewpubs, and as a Professor within the Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management program at Niagara College. He has many years of commercial brewing experience, dating back to 2010. Victor is also a certified BJCP beer judge. 


Sonja North- Sales and Marketing

Wife to Victor, Sonja is also an established personality in the craft beer world, a beer judge, and has worked for Black Oak as a co-ordinator. Sonja was born in Toronto, studied in Hamilton, and traveled the world before returning to settle in Hamilton. Sonja’s skill sets are perfectly complemented to Victors. Together they have the experience and knowledge necessary to make a small brewery a big success! 


Davis North- Treasurer of Naps and Comptroller of Work–Life Balance

Son to Sonja and Victor, Davis was born at St. Joes, just blocks from his lovely home in downtown Hamilton. His skill sets include demanding that breaks be taken and sorting blocks. He has achieved the rank of Grandmaster in Adorableness and is working towards running without falling.


The name Garden Brewers was selected to evoke the ideas of productive industriousness, growth and ambition, and to encapsulate the values inherent to the creation of quality, wholesome products. We want to create beers that reflect a small brewers craft aesthetic as well as a home gardeners DIY attitude.

This name also references Hamilton's greener qualities, and we hope to help shift perceptions of our city a little away from under the shadow of steel, and towards the light of our beautiful natural features; such as our waterfalls, the escarpment, the surrounding farmland, the botanical gardens, and most of all, our many classic and highly-productive backyard gardens scattered throughout our downtown.

As we grow, we will particularly strive to be associated with and support new forms of Urban Gardening, such as Rooftop Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Community Gardening, and Guerrilla Gardening. We hope you'll like our beers, and are looking forward to growing the future of our city with you, together!