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Perennial Favorites

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A smoked ale infused with crushed black peppercorns, this beer is full of familiar flavours- and unexpected pleasures. By choosing such a bold brew as our first and flagship beer we hope to send a strong message about the sort of brewing that you can expect from us! Piperales is based upon an award-winning homebrew recipe that our brewer has developed over many repeated batches and has tweaked to a high degree of polish. Many smoked beers tend to be on the aggressive side, with a palate-destroying level of smokiness that puts them firmly in the realm of novelty brews- but Piperales- while extremely dramatic and unique, remains balanced! We hope that you will enjoy this deeply complex, yet remarkably sessionable beer, as much as we do at home!


(1.A natural skill for gardening. 2.Someone who has been picking hops.)

Piquant, provocative, and powerful, oursecond brew is an IPA- but no ordinary IPA!Green-Thumb is a Ginger India Pale Ale which combines the unique zesty and pungent character of heirloom hop Bullion with the unmistakable tangy tropical notes of freshly ground Ginger root. The heat from the Ginger enhances the bitterness of the Bullion. Together, the two botanicals provide the dry malty backbone of the beer with a spicy heat, an intense bitterness, and a united front of harmonious flavours; resinous piney notes and zesty tropical character, which linger into a long, bitter finish. Enjoy!

This brew is based upon a recipe our brewer first created for sale at celebrated Hamilton craft beer bar; The Ship. The launch of The Ships Rationsback in 2013was a great success in all regards except for availability! For Garden Brewers, this wonderfully bitter and spicy brew has evolved into Green-ThumbGinger IPA, and will enjoy both a more frequent, and wider, availability!

Now In Bloom

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under the cherry blossoms
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Issa- 1806


(1. An avidcyclist[sp.] 2. Adeliciousbeer made with flowers)

Elderflowers are often described as having a character reminiscent ofripe pear and floral lychee, or as having an aroma existingsomewhere between stone fruit and citrus fruit,with some licorice notes for complexity. Paired with these bright flavours is a gentle lager-like bitterness and an orange marmalade note from Pacifica hops, as well asa tropical fruit peachy-gooseberry note from dry hopping with Galaxy hops. The malt is primarily Canadian 2-Row, with large additions of Maris Otter and Toasted Wheat. Making up the rest is acid malt, whichcreates a slight sourness, something that enhances the perception of citrus from the flowers and hops, and increases the beers "Refreshing" thirst quenching qualities. (Think Lemonade- or Elderflower Cordial!) Fermented as a Lager, and filtered until sparkling, this beer is clean and crisp with a touch of lager bite, enhanced by the botanical additions and clean lactic tartness.


Bire de Garde'n:

(A big, malty brew made witha generous amount ofcorn!)

We decided to create a beer that we felt used the best elements of Bire de Garde: A high-gravity, malt-forward lager suitable for aging- with a rustic accent and a farmer's philosophy!Farmers, then as now, are a resourceful bunch, and they certainly brought that quality to their brewing. They were known to use whatever fermentables that they had available in creating their brews; whether it was barley, wheat, oats, honey, or even fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins and beets. We decided to honor this tradition by including a large amount of corn in the brew.We also included malted oats and wheat, and well as a generous amount of specialty malts, including honey malt, along with victory, vienna, biscuit, and red-x malts. Each malt contributed to to a sweet, malty complexity, while the corn helped to dry the beer out and keep it from being cloying.It is toasty, bready, and complexly grainy. This beer is rich and warming, but stops short of being hot, and really charmingly walks a delicate line between clean lager character and spicy saison complexity.


B.F.F. Porter:

(A Special Harvest Beer:Hamilton-Hopped Robust Porter!)

For this brew, we partnered up with our hop-growing BFF: Buttrum's Family Farm! This beer is made with locally grown hops, and is toasty and warm from the burly base malts used, as well as roasty, rich and full-bodied from the specialty dark malts. There are notes of dark chocolate, hints of roasted nuts, and a tangy, bitter character somewhat reminiscent of molasses. The Hamilton Hops are present as a very complementary earthy-woodsy flavour, all of which is supported by a robust bitterness which balances out all of that maltly decadence! We think that BFF Porter might just be the perfect pint for these first days of fall in our city.


Hamilton Honey Harvest IPA:

(A Special Harvest Beer:An India Pale Ale made withHamilton Honey!)

For this brew, we partnered up with our bee-keeping BFF: Three Bees Honey Company! This beer is made with locally harvested honey and it is big, bold, and liable to give you a "buzz". The honey is present as a drying finish and as a subtle blossomynote, while the hops are anything but subtle; providing aggressive fruity and floral character as well as a big bitter bite. Just the thing to take the sting out of these cool October days.




(An extra-intense version of Green-Thumb!)

We fumbled this one. We had intended to re-brew our Green-Thumb, but had some problems along the way. A game-day decision was made: If this beer was going to be different, then by god, let's make it really different!We decided to go off-book and add a whole bunch of Cascade hops to an extended whirlpool. We then dry hopped with even more Cascade, as well as extra Ginger. Since we were undeniably clumsy with this batch of Green-Thumb, and it has a greatly increased bitterness and intensity, we decided to call it: "All-Thumbs"! If you tried Green-Thumb and thought "Not enough Ginger" or "Not enough hops" then this is the brew for you!



(An English-Style Barleywine brewed with Carob!)

Carobou boasts a powerful, wonderful aroma of dried, dark (bordering on tropical) fruits, as well as a decadent body and rich flavour, marked by an sweetly earthy, spicy character. The Carob's chocolaty notes are more woodsy than what you might expect, more like chocolate covered truffles than milk chocolate. The Carob character is complementary with the base Barleywine style, enhancing and rounding out the luscious maltiness and boozy, brandy-like complexity you would expect in a big English Barleywine. It's a rather different- but very special brew. We hope you like it as much as we do around our home. Happy Holidays!


We have lots more exciting beers planned, and we look forward to announcing them soon!