Garden Brewers Harvest Party!

20 October 2014

Garden Brewers Harvest Party!

You are GOURD-ially invited to our Harvest Party; an evening celebrating seasonal flavors with unique beer & food pairings- right here in downtown Hamilton!

Taking place at Mills Hardware - Hamilton's newest arts and event space- and presented by Because Beer and Sonic Unyon, our Harvest Party will happen on Thursday October 30th from 6pm to 10pm. The night before Halloween! Wear a nice comfy sweater instead of a costume and join us as we hand out beer instead of candy. There will be food, fun, flavour, and frosty brews!

We have partnered with several other local small businesses in the community, and their support has allowed us to bring a rare and exciting beer event to Hamilton. The evening will feature specially-curated food pairings created by Chef Shane McCartney of McCartney and Son, made with local ingredients like squash from Buttrums Family Farm. There will be a coffee-infused Piperales made with collaboratively choosen beans from Homegrown Hamilton, downtown Hamiltons famous café and roastery. Our glassware, pictured above, will be provided by Stoney Creek Glass and, last but not least, Sonic Unyon, Because Beer, and Mills Hardware are all working together to present and host our party!

 You know, quality beer events have been all too few and far between in our city. Even big festivals like the province-wide Ontario Craft Beer Week, which hosts more than 100 events, can fail to bring even a single event to Hamilton. We are looking to change that, and we couldn't be more proud that this event is truly home-grown. 

OK! So enough FEELINGS- Just what is this Harvest Party?

Check it-

A chance to sample Piperales and explore the exciting range and pairing possibilities of the first beer from Hamilton’s Ambitious Brewery.

BUT WAIT- Not only will you be able to try our Piperales, but we will also be offering TWO unique one-night-only editions, infused with some of the traditional flavors of the season: Pumpkin Spices and Coffee.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL-The evening will also be a chance to try a rare and unquestionably unique beer cocktail: The "Hot Piper". Once the exclusive domain of Brewers, the Hot Piper is made using smoky and sweet Piperales wort and is based off of the Hot Scotchie- a warming treat made from fresh hot wort (unfermented beer) and whiskey. This unique cocktail’s origins are foggy, but legend holds that it can be traced back to Brewers sneakily adding a nip of whiskey to a little of the wort on chilly morning brew days. The drink was introduced to us in Hamilton during a brisk fall outdoor brew day. We were hosting members of Hamiltons homebrew club, the HOZERs, in our corktown backyard for a group homebrew session. The club was making a stout for the fall, and a sly brewer introduced us all to the tradition - it was love at first sip. We thought it would be the perfect thing to bring to our Harvest Party, and something that you're not likely to see available anywhere else- outside of a brewery.

HOLD ON, THERE'S MORE- Each delicious, perfect-for-the-season beverage comes paired with a tasty, hand-crafted bite by Shane McCartney:

Your pint of Piperales comes paired with- A Roasted Squash Soup Shooter 

Your sample of Coffee Piperales comes paired with- A Mini Stuffed Eggplant

Your sample of Pumpkin Piperales comes paired with- A Radicchio cup with sprouts, beans, and a honey chive vinaigrette

Your Hot Piper comes paired with- A Mini Apple Pie & Aged Cheddar

WHAT THERE'S STILL SOMETHING ELSE, THAT IS HOT NONSENSE-  No, it's true! You'll also get to keep your Garden Brewers Mason Jar style jug as a souvenir! Filled to the brim, this glass holds just over 16oz of water, beer, or tomato sauce. That is a PINT, my friend. Well, an American pint anyway. 

Admission is free! The tasting package includes all 4 food and drink pairings and a souvenir glass for 30$. Single pints of Piperales are available from the bar for 5$.

Tickets are available online or at the door.


We hope to see you there,


-The Garden Brewers

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