Green-Thumb has arrived!

06 March 2015

Green-Thumb has arrived!

Good News!

We've brewed our second style, Green-Thumb, a Ginger IPA! Watch for it to spring up soon at the finest craft beer establishments around Ontario.



1. A person with a natural skill for gardening.

2. Someone who has been picking hops.

3. Piquant, provocative, and powerful, Green-Thumb is a Ginger India Pale Ale which combines the unique zesty and pungent character of heirloom hop Bullion with the unmistakable tangy tropical notes of freshly ground Ginger root. The heat from the Ginger enhances the bitterness of the Bullion. Together, the two botanicals provide the dry malty backbone of the beer with a spicy heat, an intense bitterness, and a united front of harmonious flavours; resinous piney notes and zesty tropical character- which linger into a long, bitter finish.

Some IPAs add novelty ingredients that have negligible flavour impact- not so for our Ginger IPA. You can expect true ginger character and heat, working in tandem with bold hop character and bitterness! 

We get that real ginger character by using actual ginger root! Look at this one- a crustacean monster!

First, the ginger root gets a dunk in a food-grade, acid-based sanitizer- just to be safe. We want spicy, not sour!


Then it takes a spin in a blender! 

And when it's all combined, we are left with two kilos worth of freshly blended ginger root. It was like a hot, golden sun of fragrant, freshly ground ginger! The aroma rising from this bucket of ginger was incredible- you could almost feel the heat!

In it goes! Straight away into the fermentation tank, right into the beer, which had already finished fermentation. The beer then sits on the ginger for a few days, just like during a dry-hop process, to pick up the aroma, flavour, and character of the ginger. It is then transferred off of the ginger into a bright tank, where the beer is carbonated, chilled and made ready to package into kegs. That kegging happened earlier in the week! The beer is now ready to meet you, and boy, is it ever prepared to make one heck of a first impression! !


Green-Thumb is based upon a recipe our brewer first created for sale at celebrated Hamilton craft beer bar; The Ship. The launch of The Ships Rations back in 2013 was a great success in all regards except for availability! For Garden Brewers, this wonderfully bitter and spicy brew has evolved into something a bit different, that will enjoy a more frequent, and wider, availability! Of course, there is no better place in the world to launch that wider availability than where it all began- The Ship! I hope you can join us tonight, at the Ship, where Green-Thumb will make it's debut! 


-The Garden Brewers



06 June 2016 at 09:09 AM

Hi Tess! Thanks for the kind words! Yes, we’re only available in kegs at the moment, which are $140 for a 30 liter keg. Cheers!

03 June 2016 at 02:59 PM

Hi! I was at the Butcher and the Vegan and had the pleasure of trying your Green Thumb Ginger Root Beer, my brother is opening up a craft beer place in Burlington and I wanted to pitch him this product, do you guys only do kegs? How much do the kegs go?

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